Build a Successful Staycation!

As spring break fever has hit the air, many individuals and families are thinking about vacations. However, for many of you reading this article a traditional vacation is not always in the cards. Sometimes this is due to schedules being packed tight, and travel time takes away from what we have grown accustomed to knowing as being productive.

Whether your constraint is time or financial obligations, these things should not keep you and your family from building memories and creating experiences. To some people the term staycation means just that, time at home which in the traditional sense does not compute to the definition of vacation. However, if you build your staycation, an at home or local vacation that fits a busy lifestyle and a moderate budget, successfully, this time can be fun and relaxing for you and your family.

Successful preparation for a staycation will ensure that you and your family create stress free memories while experiencing what is offered locally.

To do this you will need to develop some ground rules, here are a few to assist you in that process:

  • Plan your staycation (figure out your time line, local points of interest, budget, etc)
  • Eliminate arguing (discuss ideas with your family, gather feedback)
  • Remove technology from the equation (unless of course you feel you need navigation assistance)
  • Leave work at work
  • Review your preparation and be flexible
  • Make sure you are set up to leave household chores to the side (until you’re back from your staycation)
  • Get reacquainted with Lenawee County

If you find yourself struggling to develop a plan for FUN while staying home, check out some of these ideas.

  1. Check out the 755-acre botanical garden in your back yard (Hidden Lake Gardens). You can also begin your Geocaching experience here. For more information on Geocaching check out Geocaching 101.
  2. Visit a local park. Lake Hudson Recreation Area is the second of three Dark Nature Preserve’s in the State of Michigan. For more information on this park click here.
  3. Check out your local plays, musicals, concerts, and other art and cultural offerings throughout Lenawee County.
    1. Adrian Symphony Orchestra
    2. Croswell Opera House
    3. Tecumseh Center for the Arts
    4. Murder Mystery Dinner Train
  4. Kid Friendly Recreation
    1. Stone Mountain Family Fun Center
    2. Kelly Inflatables
    3. The Corner Park & Indoor Pool
    4. Lenawee Rec Bowling Center
    5. Hudson Cinema and Laser Tag
    6. Morenci Lanes
    7. Rich Lanes Bowling
    8. Ten Pin Alley
  5. Parks and Trails
    1. Adrian
    2. Blissfield
    3. Clinton
    4. Hudson
    5. Irish Hills
    6. Morenci
    7. Tecumseh
  6. Wine Tours and Breweries
    1. Southeast Michigan Pioneer Wine Trail
    2. Cotton Brewing Company
    3. Tecumseh Brewing Company

This list shows you a brief depiction of Lenawee attractions. For more information on upcoming events and other attractions please stop by Staycation Lenawee. For many of us, we find it extremely difficult removing ourselves from the hustle and bustle of everyday life; however, as you will soon find out, the best staycation ultimately has nothing to do with the activities you choose, but with the experiences and memories you and your family build.

Visit with your family, visit with your kids, visit with your spouse, visit with your friends, visitlenawee.com.

Article provided by:

Justin Gifford

Executive Director, Lenawee County Conference and Visitors Bureau


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